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A dream and a war have one similarity, both require you to imagine victory. Your dream in its simplest form is how you imagine your future without being hindered by doubt and fear. The victory you imagine is your dream turned into reality. Your desire to achieve that victory is what fuels your ability to overcome doubts and fears that may be standing in your way. When victory seems too distant, doubt and fear will make you question your ability to achieve the victory you imagine. It is a critical moment in which, if you give in, your dream of victory becomes a war in which the victory is just survival. To protect your victory, you have to protect your ability to persevere and hold on to your imagination of what victory looks like to you, your dream.


In order to protect your dream, it’s important to see how your experience of reality is shaped. It can be as simple as considering whether the content you see on the internet is helping you imagine the future, or is it becoming a cloud that is locking you into a moment without imagining the future at all. When the things you look at do not empower your dream and path toward victory, you can start to feel lost and lose sight of the possibilities of the future.


The challenge of the cloud’s (the internet’s) darkness is the temptation of its distractions. It challenges your ability to show that you desire your dream more than any distraction the cloud can bring. Your faith in your dream will be challenged. The temptation of your wants will leave you in darkness, stealing your time away, keeping you from being able to look forward and imagining the victory of your dream. You will forget about your freedom to imagine, your freedom to dream; focusing only on how you are missing out, what you do not have, and what you compare yourself to.


Remember that you control your relationship with content, as well as the content you choose to create or put out. You have the choice of utilizing the cloud (the internet) to pursue your dream rather than using it as a distraction to leave your dream behind. When you share your dream you transform the darkness of the cloud into light. Dreams create a common ground for humanity to support one another’s potential. You are the key to inspire others to be Champions against the cloud’s darkness, and show the world the power of what dreams accomplish.


Your dream begins by recognizing the only thing you need for victory is yourself. The greatest power you have through language is not simply the ability to communicate with others, but your ability to share your vision of the future with others. The power of your words will bring your dream to life, and open doors to freedom from doubt and fear of the future for all. 


What will you do to manifest your dream? Will this complete your life’s purpose?


I am with you,


Adrian Martinca

Founder of Technology for the Future