A Dream of Victory

We are a 501(c)(3) that aims to OPEN Doors to a New World of Opportunities for students and their families by providing them with laptops and other technologies to aid their education. Founded in 2016 by Adrian Martinca and his sister Miriam, as the charitable arm of A.M.-Technologies, Adrian’s for-purpose technology company that extends its connections and resources to empower students and families in need. “To our family, technology was a key to freedom, for us to overcome our obstacles and make steps towards achieving our dreams and aspirations.” – Adrian Martinca


Children Helped

$2.5+ Million

In Support Provided

Protect the Future

We stand together as Champions against mindless technology that is causing children and families to lose sight of a brighter future for all.

What we do

Celebrate Dreams

We celebrate children's dreams as a priority before technology.

Champion Children

Our programs are designed to empower and equip children for the future.

Unite Communities

We fight for the future of our children, by uniting communities around dreams.

Power of Family

Miriam and Adrian are siblings that came from a family that believes in the power of dreams so much that they sacrificed everything they had. Our parents left our home in Slovakia to go to Canada, and then the United States, in pursuit of our freedom to dream.

Our Team

Adrian Martinca


Miriam Pennick


Ashley Martinca

Vice President

Greg Commander

Board Advisor

Rob Webb